Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd (APPL)


Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd is the largest manufacturers and supplier of Refrigeration Sealing Systems for household and commercial industries (Visi-Cooler, Chest Freezer, etc.) in India catering to both multinationals and Indian white goods industries. Ajay Poly is also the largest manufacturer of a wide range of custom made extruded specialty profiles for various sectors.

APPL is the brand of Ajay Poly Private Limited, the flagship company of the DCJ Group incorporated in 1991. Our designs are an outcome of joint efforts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and our most modern manufacturing and design facilities spread across in India in nine locations.

Through ongoing innovation in design and manufacturing, APPL has succeeded in complying with customer specific requirements of close tolerance; as a result, the customers get superior as well as an energy efficient gasket in today’s competitive market. Using sophisticated computer-assisted modeling engineering techniques, ensuring optimum product performance and Innovative designs.

APPL is also the leading manufacturer of Specialty Thermo-plastics Engineering Extruded Profiles. The company’s product range comprises of sealing systems for today’s energy-efficient refrigerators to sophisticated, and highly functional engineering profiles for a wide segment of the industry. It includes decorative automotive and furniture components both in rigid & flexible PVC and with or without polyester metallic foil strips on the surface, hot embossed film, screen-printed surfaces in a vast array of colors, designs, and combinations.

We help bring today’s vital industrial and consumer products to market adding value to the products and enhancing their competitive positions. Our designs are an outcome of joint efforts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and our most modern manufacturing and design facilities.

Our Products

  Refrigerator Door Gaskets

  Flexible Magnetic Sheet

  Spill-Proof Glass Shelves

  Storage Cabinet Shutter System

  Tempered Glass

  Ferrite Flexible Magnetic Strip

  Thermoplastic Engineering Specialty Profiles

  PVC Shower Door Seal

  TPV/TPE Extruded Profiles

  Epoxidized Soya Bean Oil


Integrity : We keep our word. We hold to a single high standard of integrity in everything we do.

People : We respect each other. We believe in the worth of every individual and that the future of our company is dependent on the knowledge, creativity, skills, teamwork and integrity of every employee. We will empower and develop our employees to succeed both individually and as a team.

Technological Excellence : We pursue excellence and strive to continuously improve all aspects of our business. We have a zero defects standard in everything we do – we always strive to “Do it right the first time” and will align ourselves with business partners who share those beliefs.

Responsibility : We are responsible. We will fully understand the needs and expectations of our customers, our supplier partners, and the communities in which we live and serve. Our actions will reflect this high standard.

Cost Competitiveness : We meet your every need. Experienced and equipped inflexible and precision profile extrusions, from simple profiles to complex energy-efficient gaskets and magnetic strips.