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  • 23rd Dec 2021

Encraft - Adding Elegance And Beauty To Spaces

ENCRAFT is a product brand of ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of the DCJ Group.

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  • 21st Dec 2021

Indian CSR Awards 2021 - Philanthropist

Avanish Singh Visen is Director at DCJ GROUP & having Amore than a decade industrial experience from various Industrial sector...

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  • 22ND SEP 2021

Encraft a Cut
above the rest

With inception in 1961, the enterprise that today stands tall as DCJ Group, India’s leading system-oriented conglomerate, comprises 3 companies.

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  • 22ND JUNE 2020

Make Your Home Safe and Secure with uPVC Doors and Windows

In today’s hectic and chaotic world, it is difficult to find a place that is peaceful and calm and where you can sit and enjoy the quiet environment.

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  • 19TH JUNE 2020

Keep Your Summer Cooler With uPVC Windows

Maybe you are wondering why there is a need for you to install such windows. As one of the leading UPVC window manufacturers in India.

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  • 22ND MAY 2020

uPVC Window Designs For Your Kitchen

Windows play an important role in any given construction space and especially for a kitchen where Homeowners spend a lot of time.

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  • 15TH MAY 2020

Five Reasons Why You Should Have uPVC Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are not mere passageways to enter a building or look outside. These structures also shower spaces with natural light, ventilation, and security.

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  • 23RD APRIL 2020

Coronavirus Symptoms, Precautions, Myth, Facts

The coronavirus outbreak became known on December 31, 2019, when China informed the World Health Organization of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause in Wuhan City

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  • 01ST APRIL 2020

Wish You A Successful & Glorious New Financial Year 2020-2021

Wish you a very Abundant, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Financial Year 2020-21.We commit ourselves to move forward undeterred in the pursuit of better tomorrow.

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  • 26TH MARCH 2020

Lets Together Combat Against Corona Virus

In these extremely challenging times, I would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you and your families.