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the DCJ Group Story


In 1961, our Chairman Mr. D.C. Jain started extruding HDPE strips for cane furniture and then ventured into PVC pipes. He played a key part in developing drip irrigation systems and developed a technology for water hand pumps to ensure water is accessible to everyone. The company carried on to expand into flexible PVC extrusion and developed patented magnetic sealing systems used by the refrigeration industry, where it is today a key supplier to well-known household names like Samsung, Godrej, and LG. With inception in 1961, the enterprise that today stands tall as DCJ Group is a leading system-oriented conglomerate in India that comprises of five companies, Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd., Encraft India Pvt Ltd., Ajay Industrial Polymer Pvt Ltd., GLJ Realty Pvt Ltd., and AIC Plastics. The Group has innovated and introduced several Thermoplastic engineering products in India in its 6 decades of the journey.

OUR Groups

Our products are adding the best value in various sectors across the globe, highly appreciated for better performance and quality.

Encraft India Pvt Ltd

Encraft India Pvt Ltd is a market leader in uPVC profiles in India. With a countrywide presence, the company provides customized solutions in uPVC windows and uPVC doors.

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Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd (APPL)

Ajay Poly Pvt Ltd is the largest manufacturers and supplier of Refrigeration Sealing Systems for household and commercial industries (Visi-Cooler, Chest Freezer, etc.)

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Ajay Industrial Polymers Pvt Ltd

Ajay Industrial Polymers established in 1982, a renowned manufacturing organization in India. We are specialized in the manufacturing of various kinds of products related to the irrigation Industry.

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GLJ Reality

GLJ Realty Pvt Ltd is a Private incorporated on 09 November 2012. It is classified as a Non-Government company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. It is involved in Real estate activities with own or leased property.

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AIC Plastics

AIC Plastics Established in 1981 and it is an expert in plastic products. Our team of researchers is constantly on the lookout for the best in plastic technology. As a company, we are making an ongoing commitment to the environment.

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Our founder DC Jain

DCJ Group is a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of thermoplastic engineering products across the globe. Late Shri DC Jain established it in 1961. D.C Jain started extruding HDPE strips for cane furniture and then ventured into PVC pipes. He played a pivotal role in developing drip irrigation systems and developed a technology for water hand pumps to ensure water is accessible to everyone. He emphasized product quality, precision, and exquisiteness while equally stressing process accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Though he was firm in his management, he treated his employees with fairness and benevolence. He was a true patriot, and he always advised the youngsters to serve their country.

Today DCJ Group has become a pioneer in providing thermoplastic engineering products with innovation, high-performance materials, unique compounds, and self-extinguishing materials, reinforced and filled products. DCJ Group is a pioneer in the field of uPVC profiles, thermoplastic engineering extruded profiles, Refrigeration sealing systems, Hand pumps, Rigid UPVC pipes, cPVC pipes, and fittings, and Real estate. DCJ Group has achieved many further milestones following his vision and today we honor his legacy by continuing the tradition he established – one of the highest standards and true artistry. DCJ has a consolidated reputation in terms of quality and service.

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'Zero' is not about 'nothingness' according to its placement, it becomes the exponential that multiplies any number to great heights, infinite in its possibilities.

'Zero' is the exponential that amplifies our capabilities, driving us to do more, to aim, for perfection beyond standards.

This is our rationale behind adopting the 'zero' philosophy as our guiding principle.

We aim to deliver

Zero Defect Products With
Zero Time Delay,
Zero Excuses and
Zero Complaints

We achieve this through

Zero Wastage,
Zero Compromise and
Zero Inefficiency

We strive for

Zero Pollution

Our Promoter Directors

They've got all the subject matter expertise to help your business implement thermoplastic engineering products that will increase productivity and profitability.

 Mr. D C Jain’s desire to improve the community has led us towards developing products that deliver the best value to our clients. Every business of DCJ Group ensures that it creates shared value and contributes significantly to our people, community, and to that of our nation and environment.
A lifetime commitment to give the best products and services to our clients has enabled us with modern technologies, innovative strategies, and the result “millions of happy customers across the globe".

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Rajeev Jain
Promoter Director

 Our unflinching efforts in pursuit of excellence, our intensive ongoing research and development efforts have earned the DCJ group numerous awards and national recognition for its quality and excellence.
Our commitment to quality is unflinching, our hunger for growth is deep-rooted and our capacity for details is amazing. Over the decades, we have demonstrated a rare resilience and fortitude. The Group is determined to improve productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up-gradation of its products and people. We are all set for a never-ending journey.

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Nitin Jain
Promoter Director
DCJ Group

History & Milestones

We display honesty, integrity, and do what is right & promised. Our customers are always first and at the core of our business.